Shaved Pink (1985)

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Shaved Pink (1985)

Shaved Pink (1985)

Starring: Buffy Davis, Tami White, Jennifer Noxt, Liz Randall, Kim Pare, Scott Irish, Peter North, Tanya Fox, Marc Wallice.
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1985
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Within tiny sex-vid and this daffy, Scott Irish and luscious Tami White play with {} bunch that are to become wed. At the dawn in these nuptials, Scott asks {} . She obliges, and also both get smart in a session that is delirious. Tami has this kind of fantastic time although she can not help but tell her bridesmaids. This, then, makes them worked so the gals explore a lesbian pileup and Peeloff their dresses. It which you of these gals comes up to shave her netherregions. All of the gals are participated from the shearing and skin gets their day's order. If a person of these girls informs her man around this things get, and he wants their privates shaved! People who love the genre will get a kick from this, although the entire issue is ridiculous. The throw is filled with some of this day's women, for example leggy lust rabbit Liz Randall and sex kitty Buffy Davis. Plenty of sufficient footage to Meet the most hardy hardcore enthusiast and actions causes this one a treat from start to finish

Scene 1. Tami White, Scott Irish
Scene 2. Jennifer Noxt, Tanya Foxx, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. Maggie Randall, Francois
Scene 4. Jennifer Noxt, Tami White, Tanya Foxx
Scene 5. Buffy Davis, Peter North, Scott Irish
Scene 6. Buffy Davis, Tami White, Scott Irish


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