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Fantasy Comes to Life

Cast: Elise Graves, Roderick Grey

Roderick Grey is very excited to play with Elise Graves. And quite frankly, after seeing Roderick’s playful and willing attitude, Elise was happy for the same. Dressed in rubber from head to toe, Roderick is locked into a metal bondage chair with his genitals and nipples exposed to Elise. His wrists are locked behind his back in heavy handcuffs. His cock is very hard


Calea Toxic: Gimp Pumping

Cast: Calea Toxic, Sklave

Today is for my slave the harder mode in his transformation to the perfect rubber toy announced. The dick is to be tested for its conductivity. How it squeaks and tugs at his bonds as I turn the current higher and higher. Next it is completely helplessly mummified by means of latex foil, gets blindfolded and still a penis gag pushed into the mouth. Absolutely


Anal Fuck and Fist Therapy (1 of 4)

Cast: Carmen Rivera, Lady Black Diamond, Chris "Schock" Cock

Didi’s excited and revived after Lady Rivera fills and empties his filthy hole with a golden shower enema. His anticipation is rewarded with Ladies Carmen and Blackdiamoond hammering his gaping hole with enormous cocks from Carmen’s latest collection of monstrous dildos. “Ass Apprentice” Chris happily joins in on the fuck-fest, filling Didi’s hole with his own brands



Cast: Lady Patricia, El Turry

The mistress makes a medical check-up to the sick submissive She inserts her fingers into his anus to check the state of his prostate. She checks that he has it pretty bad and that he needs a bladder to cleanse. She places a catheter on him, introduces serum through it, and empties his bladder. When she finishes with him he will be like new


Date With a Dominatrix (1 of 2)

Cast: Cybill Troy, Dominik Kross

Dominik Kross visits Cybill Troy, flowers in hand, with the foolish idea that he’s going to go on a date with the gorgeous Domme. To his surprise, he is greeted by a hooded doorman. He’s thrilled when he walks into Cybill’s dungeon and sees her sitting there in shiny head-to-toe latex with a riding crop across her lap – but then she scoffs at his flowers and makes



Cast: Lady Patricia, El Turry

The submissive has misbehaved and the mistress decides to give him medical treatment to fix his nipples. She places as many needles as they can fit in them and stretches them, not letting the submissive at any time. Her goal is to stretch his nipples while she goes about other business


Poison (1994)

Cast: Kylie Ireland, Celeste, Dyanna Lauren, Sally Layd, Woody Long, Marc Wallice, Brad Armstrong, Mike Horner

Woody Long is a man on the verge... of death. He's been secretly poisoned, and his last hope is detective Bill Marlowe. Was it foxy Celeste, slinky Dyanna Lauren, unknown Sally Layd, or awesome new blonde Kylie Ireland? Do you care, as long as they're all nude at some point? Join Scotty Fox on a who-done-it of epic proportions. Starring a girl of epic proportions.


4 Stunden Casting (2020)

Cast: Brooke Belle, Stella Cox

Hallo Freunde! Heute präsentieren wir Euch pralle 4 Stunden ausgewähltes Casting-Material. Die heissesten Girls aus aller Welt stehen vor unserer Kamera Rede und Antwort, zeigen sich von ihren Schokoladenseiten und spielen sich lustvoll am Mutterkorn. Sin Sage ist ein echtes California-Girl, hat ´nen prallen Arsch und ist spitz wie Nachbars Lumpi. Blondi Alice ist

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