Foxy Lady (1977)

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Foxy Lady (1977)

Foxy Lady (1977)

Starring: Valerie Driskell, John Leslie, Sandy Pinney
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1977
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"WITH HER SILKY TONGUE & VELVETY FINGERS, SHE PLAYS VERY DIRTY!!!!She includes a sleek tongue velvety fingers...she has FOXY LADY! ....Ginger along with Cliff, her husband, are now living in the coveted environment of fast cars, expensive homes, sensual sports cars & nonstop sexual. However, their bubble burst because Ginger is kidnapped and held for ransom. Amidst this turn of events, a blonde looks at the house of Cliff. It's Ginger's sister, Shirley, who also supplies to help. Both abductors have obtained Ginger for their own island hideaway where they're met by Karen, an exotic Asian beauty...and the three have {} of these captive. Ginger manages to flee and then be redeemed by Amos, a enormous black stud who also promises to"off her" The island when she promises to"gets off him" The shocker comes when a gun is pulled by Shirley and informs him that it had been! Ah, however, there are shocking surprises in store for you personally once you find the startling orgasm of Foxy Lady, probably the most powerful sexual picture of the season!"

Scene 1. Kristine Heller, girl, John Leslie
Scene 2. Valerie Driskell, John Leslie
Scene 3. Valerie Driskell, Lee Foster, Seth Wagner
Scene 4. Kim Yoko, Valerie Driskell, Lee Foster
Scene 5. Valerie Driskell, Seth Wagner
Scene 6. Valerie Driskell, Pharoah Amos
Scene 7. Sandy Pinney, John Leslie


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