Seduction of Lyn Carter (1974)

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Seduction of Lyn Carter (1974)

Seduction of Lyn Carter (1974)

Starring: Andrea True, Sharon Thorpe
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1974
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Lynn was married 15 decades and it has a new son. In bed with her partner, who's going to depart a last-minute business excursion they make love and he asks her whether she has ever been interested about exactly what it may be want to be with the other guy. She informs him she has never been curious however wonders exactly what his reaction will be when it'd happen. He informs her he'd know rather than be violent. As though fate had stepped - the overnight, once he has gone{} matches Jamie Gillis and her world changes forever.

Scene 1. Andrea True, Robert Cole
Scene 2. Andrea True, Jamie Gillis
Scene 3. Andrea True, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Andrea True, Jamie Gillis
Scene 5. Andrea True, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6. Andrea True, Sharon Thorpe, Jamie Gillis, Tony Rousso
Scene 7. Andrea True, Robert Cole


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