Outback Assignment (1991)

Outback Assignment (1991)Outback Assignment (1991)

Outback Assignment (1991)

Starring: Kelly Blue, Mel Bourne, Tom Byron, Sheila Kelly, Sunny McKay, Nioka, Jasmine Rhodes, Randy Spears.
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1991
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Alone in the brush, they all become seduced by their surroundings as the girls compete for a lucrative modeling contract

Scene 1. Nioka, Randy Spears
Scene 2. Jasmin Rhodes, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Unknown Female 4037, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Jasmin Rhodes, Mell Bourne
Scene 5. Kelly Blue, Sheila Kelly
Scene 6. Unknown Female 4037, Randy Spears

Outback Assignment (1991)



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