Rear Entry (1984)

Rear Entry (1984)Rear Entry (1984)

Rear Entry (1984)

Starring: Ashley Welles, Athena Star, Gina Valentino, Mimi Morgan, Sheri St. Clair, Summer Rose, Susan Sands, Blair Harris, Craig Roberts, Greg Rome, Herschel Savage (as Hershel Savage), Michael Morrison, R.J. Reynolds, Steve Powers
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1984
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The only actresses featured in this video are ones who adore bending over and spreading their buns for their men! Those are the best kind!
These ladies like to take hard cock in the ass and pussy at the same time! ThatТs right, double penetrations! Nice! Watch as hot lesbians get themselves fired up and ready to fuck any man who crosses their path!

* Scene 1. Sheri St. Clair, Steve Powers (scene intercut; between all the others) (ID credit: oldperv)
* Scene 2. Gina Valentino, Summer Rose [DP], Hershel Savage, Steve Powers
* Scene 3. Mimi Morgan [DP], Blair Harris, Don Robertson (ID credit: huggybear)
* Scene 4. Ashley Welles [DP], Michael Morrison, R.J. Reynolds
* Scene 5. Shaun Michelle [DP], uwf, Craig Roberts, Michael Morrison

Rear Entry (1984)



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