Erotic Radio WSEX (1984)

Erotic Radio WSEX (1984)Erotic Radio WSEX (1984)

Erotic Radio WSEX (1984)

Starring: Kay Parker, Desiree Lane, Renee Summers, Herschel Savage, Tanya Lawson, Becky Savage, Randy West, Ron Jeremy, Bunny Bleu
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1984
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A smooth-talking deejay named Peter Abbott finds himself in high demand after a live 'oral demonstration' on his radio sex-advice program sets the suburbs ablaze with passion. Abbott's lovely, housewife fans go whacky over his new approach. But the station and the sponsor have different ideas about Abbott's on-air goings-on and promptly can him. Unleashed in the 'real world,' Abbott receives star treatment from his loving fans. Meanwhile, the station discovers that Abbott's show was the highest rated local broadcast of all time, and scrambles to get him back. The race is on as the housewives and the station race to get the best of Peter Abbott. Erotic Radio WSEX combines sex and laughter for an unforgettable erotic event. Tune in and turn-on.

Scene 1. Tanya Lawson, Scott Irish
Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Randy West
Scene 3. Tanya Lawson, Jack Mason, Jesse Adams
Scene 4. Tanya Lawson
Scene 5. Kay Parker, Hershel Savage
Scene 6. Desiree Lane, Tanya Lawson
Scene 7. Renee Summers, Woody Long
Scene 8. Shaun Michelle, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Bunny Bleu, Scott Irish
Scene 10. Becky Savage, Hershel Savage
Scene 11. Renee Summers, Hershel Savage
Scene 12. Desiree Lane, Woody Long
Scene 13. Tanya Lawson, Scott Irish
Scene 14. Renee Summers

Erotic Radio WSEX (1984)



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