Guttman's Hollywood Vacation (1993)

Guttman's Hollywood Vacation (1993)Guttman's Hollywood Vacation (1993)

Guttman's Hollywood Vacation (1993)

Starring: Traci Prince, Bianca Trump, Patricia Kennedy
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1993
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Watch out, John Stagliano - Guttman's in town! Sleaze has hit a new low...or size anyway. As the unsuspecting girls of Hollywood are about to find out, gut ain't the only thing hangin' from Guttman. Take a peek through the lens of the suavest voyeur we know in a penetrating study of a day in the life of Guttman.

Scene 1. Sunshine, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Bianca Trump, Dick Nasty
Scene 3. Stephanie DuValle, Dick Nasty
Scene 4. Devon Shire, Patricia Kennedy
Scene 5. Traci Prince, Jake Steed, Ron Jeremy

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