Phil Varones Groupies - The Music From Behind (2014)

Phil Varones Groupies - The Music From Behind (2014)

Groupie: a person, especially a girl, who is an ardent admirer of rock musicians and may follow them and have sex with them while on tour. It`s no secret that humans are obsessed with fame...and especially with Rock Stars. Let`s face it, the three reasons we join a band are fame, fortune and women...or Groupies, if they`re rock stars` women. Ironically, getting groupies is a lot easier than fame and fortune, but with all three, the stories are what legends are made of. You`re probably wondering: how many girls have you had? How do you get girls? IS it easy to get laid? Can you tell us some stories? Groupies gives you an all-access pass to places only a Rock Star sees. From VIP backstage lounges, right to hotel rooms, you`ll see it all...and instead of hearing the stories, you`ll get to watch them. What happens when you give a Rock Star a video camera and a girl says shoot? The answer`s in Groupies: The Music from Behind...and it`s gonna rock your world.

Size: 1239 GB // Length: 1:41:38 // Video: 830x480 // Format: mp4

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Staring: Phil Varone

Phil Varones Groupies - The Music From Behind (2014)





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