American Built (1992)

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American Built (1992)

American Built (1992)

Starring: Nikki Dial, Christina Appleigh, Mona Lisa, Alyssa Jerreau, Meekah, Randy Spears, Morgan
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1992
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Ad executives Randy Spears and Jonathon Morgan are brain-storming for slogans to move a new sports car while outside, in the Jacuzzi, their wives Nikki Dial and Tiffany Minx are storming each other. Seems their hubbies have been a little inattentive of late, and it's time for some much needed lovin'. Later, the boys get a visit from Meekah and Christine Applelay and guess what happens? And then there's some more sex in the Jacuzzi between Nikki and a clown. You figure it out

Scene 1. Nikki Dial, Tiffany Mynx
Scene 2. Nikki Dial, Ted Wilson
Scene 3. Christine Appleigh, Meekah, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 4. Christine Appleigh, Randy Spears
Scene 5. Tiffany Mynx, Ted Wilson


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