Anal Annie and the Willing Husbands (1985)

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Anal Annie and the Willing Husbands (1985)

Anal Annie and the Willing Husbands (1985)

Starring: Nina Hartley, Blair Harris, Karen Summer, Richard Pacheco, Dan T. Mann, Yoko Wang
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1985
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Well, Anal Annie is at it again. In the first episode of the Anal Annie series, our infamous blonde bombshell introduced the delights of anal love to several horny housewives. In this episode, she encounters a number of couples, one of which is having problems getting it on. The husband meets Annie, and is instructed in the fine art of anal seduction. Quite by accident, his wife is also introduced to Annie and is seduced. Neither the husband nor the wife know that the other has seen Annie until that night when both return home with one of Annie's adult toys. They ravish each other's bodies as never before. Once again, Annie has fulfilled her mission

Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Yoko Wong, Dan T. Mann
Scene 2. Nina Hartley, Richard Pacheco
Scene 3. Karen Summer, Blair Harris
Scene 4. Karen Summer, Nina Hartley
Scene 5. Karen Summer, Richard Pacheco


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