Neon Nights (1981)

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Neon Nights (1981)

Neon Nights (1981)

Starring: Lysa Thatcher, Kandi Barbour, Veronica Hart, Arcadia Lake, Jody Maxwell, Linda Vale, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, Jake Teague, Roy Stuart, Ashley Moore, Cecil Howard
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1981
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Neon Nights is just a sexy, hardcore odyssey in your head o a distressed teen ager, Sandi (Lysa Thatcher), that deals as best she could with a busted homelife and the progress of her mother's lover, Robert (Jamie Gillis). The escape of sandi can be actually just a path of'neon nights' -- flashes of fantasy color and sound. If the girl is approached at the restroom by Robert the breaking point is reached. The 2 seduce one another to near-climax if Mommy (Linda Vale) grabs them. Sandi conducts off. Hitch-hiking, she matches Harian (Jake Teague), a magician with powers that are outstanding. As he levitates her sandi is located in the dinning room of Harian. His sexy assistant, Sweet Marie (Jody Maxwell) induce their very own lusty senses into Sandi's mind.

Scene 1. Linda Vale, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Lysa Thatcher
Scene 3. Lysa Thatcher, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Kandi Barbour, Ashley Moore
Scene 5. Jody Maxwell, Lysa Thatcher, Jack Teague
Scene 6. Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards
Scene 7. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Lysa Thatcher, Veronica Hart
Scene 9. Linda Vale, Jamie Gillis
Scene 10. Lysa Thatcher, Eric Edwards
Scene 11. Lysa Thatcher, Roy Stuart


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