Love Button (1989)

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Love Button (1989)

Love Button (1989)

Starring: Carol Cummings, Busty Bell, Peter North, Blake Palmer, Biff Malibu
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1989
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Rob (Peter North) has stumbled on the invention of this century! ) Who has not fantasized of a television remote controller invent that may change stations?! in addition to reality Well Rob's got an innovation -- {} are currently zapping a storm up of sexy'n' experiences! ZAP! Busty Bell was endowed by an encounter with bodaciously. Zap! Gorgeous Carol Cummings turns right to an nympho! Zap! Zap! Zap!!! These studs are so they're having the time in their own lives!

Scene 1. Busty Belle, Peter North
Scene 2. Arcie Miller, Blake Palmer
Scene 3. Arcie Miller, Busty Belle, Stacy Lords, Biff Malibu
Scene 4. Busty Belle, Carol Cummings
Scene 5. Stacy Lords, Peter North


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