Breaking and Entering (1984)

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Breaking and Entering (1984)

Breaking and Entering (1984)

Starring: Cathy Menard, Evelyne Lang, Cecile Lanvin, Gabriel Pontello, Lawrence Eymard, Richard Lemieuvre, Jacky Arnal
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1984
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From the South of France a gloomy group of female cat thieves decides to commemorate a locality villa for kisses. Breaking and Entering, girls find a treasure of love lingerie and toys which turns out to become a true party pleaser before longlong arm of the law catches together with them. All these gendarmes go to your gusto with their nightsticks to stunt the women for advice. Subsequently the owners of this villa reveal up and therefore so are confused as thieves, however it surely does not matter. They appear to relish that the"intrusion" more than girls do!

Scene 1. Cathy Menard, Cecile Lanvin, Evelyne Lang
Scene 2. Cecile Lanvin, Gabriel Pontello, Jacky Arnal
Scene 3. Laura Rastail, Jacky Arnal
Scene 4. Cathy Menard, Evelyne Lang, Richard Lemieuvre


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