Thanks for the Mammories (1987)

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Thanks for the Mammories (1987)

Thanks for the Mammories (1987)

Starring: Terry Lloyd, Tim Lloyd, Patty Plenty, Buffy Davis, Kevin James, Nick Random, Kitten Natividad
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1987
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Just take a lascivious glimpse at what goes on backstage in a bawdy burlesque property. You're going to be singing Thank You For The Mammaries allnight, whenever you have a review of those bodaciously endowed professionals!! To begin with, meet Sexstarved stripper Patti Plenty (along with her humongous hangers! ) ) . A Baggy trousers comedian (Nick Random) immediately finds just a tiny SweetTalk is the secret into a love-feast using Patti. And Patti's costar Debbie (Buffy Davis) isn't doing badly. She along with her sexy boyfriend (Kevin James) take action anywhere... even on point! Plus, there is substantially more well as Kitten Natividad! If you'd like your women big, bold, and bubbly -- that one is for you personally!! Therefore do not overlook it!!

Scene 1. Buffy Davis, Kevin James
Scene 2. Patty Plenty, Nick Random
Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Kevin James
Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Patty Plenty
Scene 5. Patty Plenty, Nick Random
Scene 6. Terry Loyd
Scene 7. Terry Loyd, Tim Loyd
Scene 8. Buffy Davis, Kevin James


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