Diary of a Nymph (1971)

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Diary of a Nymph (1971)

Diary of a Nymph (1971)

Starring: Annette Michael, Susan Westcott
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1971
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Tracy is a middle class housewife suffering from that most dreaded of uterine maladies, sexual frustration. Her selfish husband seems not to notice that she diddles herself to orgasm after they have sex, all the while imagining scenes of erotic abandon. Tracy’s ennui turns to exhibitionism, however, when she lays herself out next to the pool for the delectation of a horny neighbor. Not one to beat around the bush – especially where bush is involved – the abutting stud invites himself over to Tracy’s place for coffee and a coerced cock-sucking. In spite of his dubious potency (sadly, the actor seems to have more luck growing a man-fro than sprouting wood), Tracy decides there’s nothing better than casual hard sex. She calls her “doctor” – apparently a shrink – and confesses that she thinks she has a “problem.

Scene 1. Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-D
Scene 2. Susan Westcott
Scene 3. Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-D
Scene 4. Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-E
Scene 5. Annette Michael, Susan Westcott
Scene 6. Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-D
Scene 7. Annette Michael, Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-C
Scene 8. Annette Michael, Susan Westcott, Unknown Male 1258-C, Unknown Male 1258-D


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