Hot Nurses (1976) - Marlene Willoughby

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Hot Nurses (1976) - Marlene Willoughby

Hot Nurses (1976)

Starring: John Holmes, Crystal Sync, Eric Edwards, Marlene Willoughby, Zebedy Colt
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1976
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In Carcinoma Hospital patients have been dying left and directly under the unsepervised maintenance of Doctor Matt, who's obviously distracted by the plentiful source of"Sexy Nurses" who work on a medical facility. To boost profits, a radical new application is introduced with all the drugstore supplying spirits - not medicine, and also the physicians will practice oralsex rather than alcohol rubs. Ambulances will end up bed and windmill which will transform to orgies. As a consequence of the extreme policy shift, a medical facility gets financially powerful as the doctors, nurses and physicians benefit from the rewards!

Scene 1. Mousiendi, faceless guy
Scene 2. Dory Devon, Terry Austin
Scene 3. Mousiendi, John Holmes
Scene 4. Dory Devon, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 5. Mousiendi, Don Peterson
Scene 6. Barbara Daniels, Dory Devon, Jeanette Sinclair, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes
Scene 7. Mousiendi, Zebedy Colt
Scene 8. Dory Devon, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 9. Marlene Willoughby, John Holmes
Scene 10. Dory Devon, Mousiendi, John Holmes
Scene 11. Crystal Sync, Jeanette Sinclair, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards
Scene 12. Marlene Willoughby, John Holmes
Scene 13. Barbara Daniels, Terry Austin
Scene 14. Ursula Austin, John Holmes
Scene 15. Mousiendi, Don Peterson
Scene 16. Jeanette Sinclair, Jenny Baxter, Marlene Willoughby, Mousiendi, Solange Shannon, Tia von Davis, Ursula Austin, Don Peterson, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, others, Terry Austin
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