Tropical Nights (1988) - Ginger Lynn, Crystal Breeze

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Tropical Nights (1988) - Ginger Lynn, Crystal Breeze

Tropical Nights (1988)

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Crystal Breeze, Stacey Donovan, Raven, Renee Tiffany, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Jay Serling, Ken Starbuck.
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1988
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The odor of oil the attractiveness of the islands, the wind of this nighttime browse, or perhaps even the sign of a rainbow as the sun breaks through the mist comprise aspects of the aphrodisiac called man - Gender. It will not hurt to possess her island bunnies and Ginger leaping after post of joy from heaven. .

Scene 1. Renee Tiffany, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Crystal Holland, Jerry Butler
Scene 3. Raven, Jay Serling
Scene 4. Diva, Jerry Butler
Scene 5. Stacey Donovan, Starbuck
Scene 6. Ginger Lynn, Jerry Butler
Scene 7. Crystal Breeze, Jerry Butler
Scene 8. Raven, Jerry Butler
Scene 9. Renee Tiffany, Stacey Donovan, Jerry Butler

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