Ballbusting The Boss

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Ballbusting The Boss

Actors: Ballbusting The Boss
Categories: Femdom
Length: 17 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 2980mb

I am really starting to get off on the power I have over this old man... Soon we are in the break room- and I am literally "positioning" him into different poses so I can get really good kicks in. He keeps asking me "Um, Miss Amber, are you sure the attacker will really just stand here and pose for you to kick him like this??" I just tell him to SHUT UP and do what I say! I will practice the way I WANT to practice! My favorite one though is when I tell him to "crawl away like your going to get more attackers- but keep your legs spread WIDE while you do it!" HAHAHA. I even command him to "stop" as he is crawling so I can take really good aim with my kick and really drill him with the pointed-toe Louboutin stilettos that HE bought me!

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