Sexcapades (1983)

Sexcapades (1983)Sexcapades (1983)

Sexcapades (1983)

Starring: Tiffany Clark, Mai Lin, Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1983
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Poor Harry. As a filmmaker, all hes trying to do is make a buck. But his wife says his movies are too dirty; his producer says theyre too clean. A hilarious sexual comedy from award-winning director Henri Pachard.

Scene 1. Joanna Storm, Alan Adrian
Scene 2. Sharon Mitchell, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Ashley Welles, Michael Bruce
Scene 4. Lee Caroll, Sharon Kane
Scene 5. Sharon Kane, Joe Santini
Scene 6. Tiffany Clark, George Payne
Scene 7. Mai Lin, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Lee Caroll, Mai Lin, Eric Edwards

Sexcapades (1983)



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