Erectnophobia 1 (1991)

Erectnophobia 1 (1991)Erectnophobia 1 (1991)

Erectnophobia 1 (1991)

Starring: Amber Woods, Danielle Rodgers, Ashley Dunn
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1991
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A beautiful girl lures men to her house with promises of sucking the life out of them . Little do they know that she means it literally. That is, until she runs into every spiders nemesis but youll have to see for yourself what that is.

Scene 1. Courtney, Don Fernando, Jeff James
Scene 2. Danielle Rodgers, Randy Spears
Scene 3. Amber Woods, Nick East
Scene 4. Ashley Dunn, Flame
Scene 5. Danielle Rodgers, Jeff James

Erectnophobia 1 (1991)



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