Games Couples Play (1987)

Games Couples Play (1987)Games Couples Play (1987)

Games Couples Play (1987)

Starring: Keisha, Peter North, Penny Morgan, Alexa Park, Marc Wallice, Lisa Melendez
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1987
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Luscious Alexa Park stars as a gorgeous young woman who delves into some heated head games with her buffed boyfriend Peter North. It seems that Alexa wants him to pop the question, but he's happy with things as they are. She decides to force his hand by trying to make him jealous, letting him think she's playing around with other guys. Her tricks have the opposite effect though -- Peter decides to get even by delving into some extracurricular eroticism of his own! Along the way, he and his buddies romp with a bevy of buxom babes who keep everyone salaciously satisfied. Filled to overflowing with busty beauties like Keisha, Lisa Melendez and Rachel Ryan, you won't want these erotic Games to end!

Scene 1. Alexa Parks, Peter North
Scene 2. Rachel Ryan, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. Alexa Parks, Rachel Ryan
Scene 4. Keisha, Peter North
Scene 5. Keisha, Herschel Savage
Scene 6. Lisa Melendez, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Rachel Ryan, Peter North

Games Couples Play (1987)



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